Dylan's First Million Tim Sewell Author
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In the excitement of winning $1,000, Dylan proposes to his girlfriend, who points out that $1,000 won't pay for much of a wedding. She also jokes that 'It's not as if he has won a million dollars'. Disheartened Dylan mentions this to Alan, his mathematician roommate, who tells him that in theory it is possible to turn $1,000 into just over $1,000,000 simply by doubling the money ten times. $1,000 1 $2,000 2 $4,000 3 $8,000 4 $16,000 5 $32,000 6 $64,000 7 $128,000 8 $256,000 9 $512,000 10 $1,024,000With the help of his friends, Dylan attempts to figure out ten different ways to double his money, and take him to the million-dollar target.


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