Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Watergate But Were Afraid to Ask Brian J. O'Connor Author
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The story of Watergate is usually told through the prism of the straight, white male journalists and politicians who were at the center of the scandal--but Watergate happened to all of us – wives, mothers, children, black, white, queer, immigrants. Those voices and perceptions are rarely heard today.Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Watergate was envisioned as a book that looks at the wider ripples of the Watergate explosion and how it changed the way Americans saw themselves, their country and the world around them. This is both a serious, and irreverent book, put together by a team of two newspaper journalists and ten college interns from throughout the country. Think of it as a primer on Watergate for the generation that grew up watching The Daily Show.The book offer original, exclusive interviews Congressman Charles Rangel and Senator Elizabeth Holtzman about their roles in the Watergate Hearings and how they see Watergate today.It also features a complete guide to all the Watergate-related convictions, as well as recipes for Watergate cocktails and even the infamous Watergate dessert!


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