Wopper, Volume 1, Pigtown YA: How Babe Ruth Lost His Father and Won the 1918 World Series Against the Cubs Frank Amoroso Author
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Every city has at least one Pigtown, a neighborhood where life is as squalid and deplorable as the name implies. Pigtown is the inspirational tale of George Herman Babe Ruth who grew up amid tragedy and trouble to become the greatest baseball player to ever wear a major league uniform.Death and tragedy devastate his family leaving him to survive the wreckage on his own. By the age of seven he is an incorrigible street urchin living a life of petty crime as the ringleader of the Bunny Hole Gang. His life changes dramatically when he becomes an inmate at St. Mary's Industrial School where he learns discipline and the love of baseball. If it wasn't for baseball, I'd be in either the penitentiary or the cemetery. Under the fatherly influence of Brother Matthias, Babe must face the demons that destroyed his family. With war hysteria raging and nativist Americans persecuting German-Americans, his saloon keeper father tries to cope with heartbreaking tragedy. Pigtown chronicles how Babe prevails in a world gone mad and how he fights for his first love.


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