From Here to Argentina: A Tango Love Story Kristina Bak Author
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Tango is a dance of passion, but not that kind of passion, or, at least not on the dance floor Esteban's tango students––exquisite Rosalie, flamboyant Juniper, arrogant Mikhail, and deceptively mild-mannered Dan––all carry heavy baggage, secrets from their pasts, when they meet in Absolute Beginners class. Everyone's in search of happy endings, but one person's dream is another's catastrophe. They can't all come true. Can Esteban (well, Jason, actually) persuade the whole class to sign on for his tango tour to Buenos Aires, where he's sure his online love for tango maestra Aurelia will bloom face-to-face? Until they do, he's broke, stuck sleeping in his car, and he can't guess what his students are up to outside class.


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