Social Security: My Topical Reflections - Essays and Issues Chesil Hamilton Author
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Throughout my thirty-two and a half year career as a member of the Social Security team of St. Kitts and Nevis, I have had the opportunity to consider committing to print my own thoughts in relation to a number of topics and issues relating to the broad subject area of my field of endeavour. I suppose I took that outlook because: with the passage of time, Social Security became (for me) more of a labour of love than a labour of livelihood; more of a pre-occupation than an occupation. At some point early in the decade of 2001 to 2010, I figured that it would be useful to collate such thoughts and ideas in the form of a book. Thus, the seed for Social Security ? My Topical Reflections ? Essays and Issues was planted. Even as I now (in February 2017) demit the field of active involvement in the day to day affairs of my social security practice, it is my hope that some level of discussions can be generated among others interested in the field of Social Security. Although my own experience has been largely localized in terms of my practical involvement in social security, I would not wish the discussions to be limited to persons in my own country of St. Kitts and Nevis nor even to the Caribbean region. There may be other social security practitioners in small island states across the world who happen to share the same or similar type of social security systems as we do in the Caribbean. It is my hope that they too would find this material to be of interest.


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