UPRIGHTNESS BETRAYED: The Assassination of Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso and the Suffocation of Hope in Africa Janvier T. Chando Author
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In this magical account, Janvier T. Chando brilliantly establishes the threads that made the young Thomas Sankara one of Africa's iconic leaders in the twentieth century, and the revolutionary changes he brought to Burkina Faso that transformed it into Sub-Saharan Africa's most self-reliant country.The author leads the reader hand-in-hand to the path of the trail of the young Sankara's catapult into the limelight of Burkina Faso's politics, his travails, his rise to power as the head of state and his lucid notion of his mission. Sankara comes across as one of those rare African presidents that accepts power as a cross that must be borne without complaint, and not as a dream come true.


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