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If you are opposed or in favor of the DEATH PENALTY, this book will strengthen your position. How can that be? The material in this book will help you better explain to others the basis for your belief about the Death Penalty. If you lean toward the side that the Death Penalty just doesn't work so do away with it, this book will supply facts to support your position. On the other hand, if you are an advocate for capital punishment then the book will provide you ammunition to argue for that position.The Death Penalty is one of those controversial topics everyone has an opinion about. Most people have inherited their capital punishment opinions from their family and have held it for years. For those who have spent time at college they have had their views influenced by the academic elite. As one matures in life their beliefs harden about the Death Penalty to the point they don't want to reconsider the basis for their opinions.In the past, the majority of Americans have been in favor of the Death Penalty, but the number has been shrinking to the extent that 19 states don't have a Death Penalty. In the 1950 and 60s voters in California favored the Death Penalty by over 71%. However, in California the recent Proposition 62 showed that only 54% of the voters still favor it. In other words, the Death Penalty sentiment is changing and the USA may soon end up joining the European countries in abolishing it. This book presents a new slant on the Death Penalty by examining how the decisions are made as to which murderers should be considered for the Death Penalty. For 16 years there was one person who had the daunting task of deciding thumbs up or thumbs down on some 1400 killers. That person was Curt Livesay who was the Death Penalty Designee for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. Since his retirement, he has had time to reflect on some of the most bizarre and fascinating murder cases of all times. Now he has been willing to sit down and openly discuss the merits of the Death Penalty. He explains how he decided which murderers committed such egregious homicides or had extensive criminal records to justify the DA seeking the Death Penalty for that killer. Mr. Livesay and your author joined the DA's Office in the 1960s and worked together for many years. Mr. Livesay and your author have had many discussions about the application of the Death Penalty and the many cases he had to decide. This book tries to relate Mr. Livesay's thoughts on some of the sensational cases that came across his desk. He provides insight as to how the actual Death Penalty process worked and he uses specific cases to illustrate what were the aggravating factors that justified the maximum penalty of Death. In order for you the reader to grasp this topic in real terms, the book starts out with the recent execution of Tookie Williams. Mr. Livesay will give you a prospective of a firsthand account since he was there each step of the way. Then the book discusses those killers who were described as the Worst of the Worst. In that category Mr. Livesay discusses the cases of Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, Lawrence Bittaker, the Tool Box Killer, Douglas Clark, Sunset Strip Slayer, and William Bonin, the Freeway Killer. These are the cases that the abolitionists of the Death Penalty have difficulty justifying Life in Prison without Parole for these abominable killers who so callously and viciously killed their victims. Their horrific behavior calls out for something more. The monumental question is what should the punishment be for such heinous behavior?Curt Livesay has had an incredible career with the LA DA's Office. However, this book tries to show him as a unique person who had to make enormously important decisions on a daily basis for years. Few people have played such a significant role in the Criminal Justice System as Curt Livesay did as the DEATH PENALTY DESIGNEE.


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