Atlantis Rising 107 - September/October 2014 J. Douglas Kenyon Author
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Contents in this full color ebook editionJeane Manning:REPORT FROM THE FRONTTracking the News of the Coming Energy RevolutionCan Compassionate Transmutation Transform A Paradigm?Michael Cremo:THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGISTThe Mystery of Ancient Lenses and GlassScott Creighton:MORE PYRAMID FRAUD EVIDENCEDid Howard-Vyse's Assistant Tamper with the Khufu Cartouche?Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D:THE PAN PERSPECTIVEThere Is More than One Way to Look at Human OriginsWilliam B. Stoecker:THE MYSTERIOUS MEANING IN ANCIENT MYTHSCould the Stories Be Saying More than We Realized?John Chambers:MENTAL RADIO & UPTON SINCLAIRThe Crusading Reformer Who Made the Case for a Non-Material RealityCynthia Logan:GRADUATING FROM KINDERGARTENDr. Eben Alexander Speaks of Lessons Learned While 'Dead'Robert Schoch, Ph.D:THE TANKERING AND THE PETROGLYPHSExploring Ancient Legacies in NorwayJeff Nisbet:SCOTLAND'S CURIOUS CARVED STONE BALLSWho made them, and why?Martin Ruggles:ANCIENT NUKES ON MARSThe Evidence for a Very Strange and Dark PastSteven Sora:THE MOONS OVER MARSQuirks of Nature or Artificial?The Surprising Case for Artificial Origins of Phobos and DeimosNew Takes on an Enduring MysteryPatrick Marsolek:QUANTUM TELEPORTATIONCould Instant Travel Be Coming Our Way?How Long Before Scotty Can Beam Us All Up?Julie Loar:MEETING OF MONARCHSJupiter in LeoThere are two great enemies of progress, the aristocracy of royalty and the aristocracy of gold.ALTERNATIVE NEWSThe Strange Power of Ancient AcousticsEinstein's Brain Was Nothing Special, Says New StudyREADERS FORUMAliens-or Maybe Not- Alternative Possibilities - Andree Cuenod- Ancient Aliens...Ancient Shmaliens - David Imhotep, Ph.D.- Minds: Open and Otherwise - Greg May- Missing Evidence - Paul Williams- Shroud Theory - Ernst Brenner


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