A Gentle Introduction to Functional Programming in Haskell Kenneth Lambert Author
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Learn functional programming in Haskell from a college professor with over 30 years of teaching experience.This book presents an introduction to functional programming in Haskell. As a purely functional language, Haskell supports the development of programs that consist of cooperating functions and data types. Topics include numeric, text, and list processing, in applications ranging from the simple to the complex. The reader will learn how to write code that is joyful to read and easy to verify. For experienced programmers who want to learn a new way of doing things, or beginners who want the challenge of learning to code in a strict and safe programming environment.Brief Table of ContentsPart I. Basic Computations: Data Types, Expressions, and Function ApplicationsPart II. Basic Data Structures: Lists, Strings, and TuplesPart III. Functions as Data: Higher-Order Functions and Function-Level OperatorsPart IV. Creating New Data TypesPart V. Generic Data Types and Type ClassesPart VI. Interacting with the World: Terminal I/O and Files


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