The Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan Boxed Set Joe Weber Author
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For the first time, all three of best-selling author Joe Weber's novels featuring Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan are avaliable together!Primary TargetA chilling scenario of global warfare. The suspense never stops.--W.E.B. GriffinA group of hard-line Soviets has devised a strategy to return their country to its former glory. In league with the most ruthless militant extremists of the Middle East, they hatch a plot to eliminate the one person with the power to stop them: the President of the United States.His knowledge of weapons, military aircraft and terrorist tactics is superior, and a surprise ending teases readers with the tempting possibility . . .--Publishers WeeklyDancing with the DragonWeber's expertise on U.S. military matters is high.. A solid accomplishment.--Library JournalIn the skies above the Pacific, a U.S. Navy F/A-18 from the USS Abraham Lincoln blows up, cause unknown.When another jet mysteriously explodes in midair, the president can no longer ignore reality: U.S. forces are under attack. But by whom?The president calls on ex-CIA operatives and former military pilots Scott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan to launch their own investigation. An investigation that takes some shocking turns as they uncover a conspiracy that seems to lead directly to the heart of China . . .Assured ResponseScott Dalton and Jackie Sullivan are operatives so secret that they will be disavowed if ever caught. Only they can prevent a nuclear catastrophe that could destroy the United States.Saeed Shayhidi, a billionaire mastermind of terror, Khaliq Farkas, as barbaric and elusive as bin Laden, and Zheng-Yen Tsung, a powerful Chinese official, are looking to tip the scales of world power at any expense.For Dalton and Sullivan, the threat has never more intense. The United State is under attack on multiple fronts and our enemies must know that any such attack will be met only one way . . . with an assured response.Thanks be to the book-writing gods; we have a writer who does what writers are supposed to do--tell a story.--The Wichita Eagle


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