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A dead COMEDIAN, a 12 year old Down's Syndrome BOY and an obnoxious ENTITY called My Self........BADGERS & JAM by Nicci Rae - OUT NOW in paperback & 99p Kindle!Popular comedian Marty Rockman just died on stage mid-gag - a somewhat unexpected event and one which had certainly never featured in his rehearsals. Understandably, Marty is a little peeved, particularly as it means that his last words on God's green earth were We never did find out what happened to the drunken cat. With the help of his twelve year old Down's Syndrome son & an obnoxious entity called My Self, Marty sets out to unmask his murderer .......and discovers that it's the last person he would have suspected !Hilarious and thought-provoking, set in the seedy underworld of Soho (and also somewhere a little more celestial!) Badgers & Jam is a riot from start to finish.A great read that just demands an encore.


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