BROKEN ENGAGEMENT: Why a Donald Trump Win in the 2016 Presidential Election Defies the Predictions of the Media and the Political Establishment Janvie
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No US. Presidential election has been as dramatic as the 2016 race for the White House. Mavericks rose to prominence from the primaries in both the Republican and Democratic camps, challenged the status quo, exposed the follies of the country's political establishment and vowed to bring anew dawn to America.These unorthodox candidates did so without seeking financial assistance from the groups that traditionally financed political candidates in the past elections. The Republican maverick Donald Trump won the nomination of the party he recently joined, against a long list of seventeen other candidates; his Democratic Party counterpart Bernie Sanders failed to represent the party he too recently joined by narrowly losing to Hillary Clinton in a process whose partially was questionable. Then he pledged to support her in defeating Donald Trump. No presidential candidate in history has been demonized by the media like Donald Trump, none has run such an unconventional campaign like him, none has faced an opponent with a powerful retinue of surrogates as him, none of them ever seemed as self-destructive as him, and no presidential hopeful experienced desertion from the cream of his party like Donald Trump. Yet the Republican nominee is forging ahead and is likely to win the election. Here are the factors behind Donald Trump's rise, recoveries, and pending victory that political pundits and the media failed to explain? This account provides answers that unravel the Donald Trump riddle.


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