Stay at Celebration House (The Celebration House Trilogy, #2) Annette Drake Author
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Can every promise be kept?Beth Kozera promised her best friend, Carrie Hansen, she would stay and manage Celebration House in Carrie's absence. How she regrets that promise!Because Beth has no idea how to run an event venue. Since when did brides become so demanding and grooms so lecherous? Plus, Beth can't boil water, let alone supervise a sit-down dinner for two hundred guests every weekend.Thank goodness for Joshua. Or, at least, she thinks. But when Beth offers his mom a job overseeing the kitchen, Josh shows his patriarchal colors. So much for tall, dark and haughty.Could Beth's life get more complicated? Apparently so. Her former fiancé wants Beth back, convinced if he can restart his romance with her, he can somehow mend his life.All Beth wants to do is keep her promise to Carrie, but can every promise be kept?


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