Witch's Guide To A Magical Life: Magic and Mayhem Universe (Baba Yaga Adventures, #2) Donna McDonald Author
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The Baba Yaga job hadn't come with a witch's guide to a magical life.Ahmed is leaving and people are escaping the magic pokey. Carol—aka the Baba Yaga—is winging it the best she can in this new light paranormal installment of the Baba Yaga Adventures. She's got a jailbreak at the magical pokey to deal with and two persistent men wanting to take her bed. The warlock geezer guarding the jail thinks he saw a dragon. Carol thinks it's an old enemy come back to seek revenge. Sorting out her love life? That's going to have to wait. How did any of her predecessors ever do this job without zapping everyone in sight? Carol has no freaking idea but now she's under orders from the former Jezibaba to pick a warlock posse before her familiar leaves. Ahmed's sentence has been served and he's done. Her goose is cooked if she has to drag warlocks along to do her work. Why can't people just back off and let her do the job her way?Turns out everyone's time is up, including hers.  


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