Attracting Your Soul Mate - Manifest Love And A Relationship Using The Power Of The Universe And The Law Of Attraction Sarah O. Annie Author
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When Was The Last Time You Were In A Relationship?Are you always in a one-sided love relationship?Going on endless blind dates?Have you been using Tinder for 3 years straight?Can't seem to find the right partner?The REAL issue is not your looks or personality, but simply what were you attracting with your thoughts. Every thought is submitted to the universe without fail and will be fulfilled eventually.80% of singles do not know how attractive they are until they start practicing how to manifest!Why not…Discover The Law Of Attraction?In this book, you will understand what the law of attraction is and why it is a powerful tool in your dating life. The book explains how good vibes and the choice of words you use will determine which direction your dating life takes. Each chapter that you read here will give you a better understanding of how you can attract your soulmate and how the power is all in your hands.Inside this book you will find: Basic principles of the law of attraction and how it can change your life and relationship.Different types of lover and determine which is suitable for you. Strategies on how to create a clean slate for yourself. How to become the ultimate lover.Ways to become an insane love magnet and start attracting everything that you ever wanted. Visualizations to come to grips with your dreams and bring yourself love.Tools to develop dating skills.Attention! Law of attraction is NOT for everyone!This book is not for people:Who doesn't want to take actions in lifeWho are not committed for a changeWho has given up on dating


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