The Wonder Soul Alysia Seymour Author
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Zoe thinks life is working out just as she planned, only she'd forgotten that the dream of holding down a steady job, marrying the high-school sweetheart, and starting a cookie-cutter family wasn't her own. And when this perfect life crashes down around her, the decision to leave her old life behind will catapult her into a pool of lost memories and magical places that she left behind long ago. She finds herself at the cottage by the sea where she is befriended by the most unlikely people, surrounded by a magical force that haunts her waking and sleeping moments. Zoe must decide if she will continue to fear this magic, or embrace it as part of who she is and uncover why it's calling to her.To make things even worse, Zoe also faces a life-threatening experience and is a witness to death for the first time.But most importantly, Zoe must discover the true magic that exists within her and all around her. If she fails, not only will Zoe risk her sanity, but the potential to forget who she was before she lost her child-like wonder—and her connection to magical unseen places—to the cruelty of the world.


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