Intergender Wrestling and Fighting: Pics and Profiles of Triumphant Women and Demoralized Men Ken Phillips Author
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Do you love seeing pictures of muscular women? Do you like to read about women defeating men at wrestling, arm-wrestling, fighting or tests of strength? I have been forming friendships and wrestling with women for over twenty years and am thrilled to be allowed these amazing ladies to you!Meira, Lolo and Patty Lou are three women who have never appeared in any of my previous books.  Meira isn't tall but she has a great set of legs and she isn't afraid to use them! If you like wide, gorgeous hips and a truly angelic beauty, then Meira is for you.Patty Lou is a very skilled and dedicated martial artist. Like Meira, Patty Lou enjoys using her skills to defeat, demoralize and emasculate men. Patty is an Asian lady who is always at least a few steps ahead of her opponents. She has been showcasing her Fem-Dom desires at the peril of whichever man she is set to defeat. She keeps finding new ways to make herself feel empowered and to make men feel insignificant. Patty Lou's opponents end up mentally, physically and emotionally defeated. What goes through Patty's mind when she has a macho-man ready to beg for mercy? Find out in this book!Lolo has muscles and curves that need to be seen to be believed. She is also an experienced, well-versed fighter. Lolo is up-beat, confident and loves the feeling of sapping a man of his pride. The site of this lady in tight jeans is worth the price of the book alone!Bella and Ciara have been showcased before. Readers loved these two Alpha-Amazons and have been asking for more! Bella is a terrific martial artist and the quintessential nice lady. But when you dig a little deeper you find a playful and naughty side. She's the genuine 'hot-black-belt-next-door' who can delight you or kick you silly. Ciara has a gorgeous set of thighs and an attitude to match! She is another lady that has a lethal physique but does not have a bodybuilders body-type. She fully dispels the rumor that men are the stronger gender. Once a man is in her clutches it is quite simply over!Please take a look at my other books. If you like strong, butt-kicking women, then you've found your perfect place. Enjoy this great celebration of female muscle and fighting-power!


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