Marketing Your RV Park / Campground Online (Modern Marketing for Outdoor Hospitality, #1) Evanne Schmarder Author
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You know you should be marketing your RV park and/or campground online but, with so many moving parts, it can be overwhelming. This latest book by the outdoor hospitality industry's marketing consultant and mentor, Evanne Schmarder, will show you the way. From strategies and tactics including calculating customer lifetime value and marketing ROI to identifying ideal customers to recognizing timely marketing opportunities, Evanne tells all. How do you want your guests to think of your business? What does your operation say about your brand? When should you measure your program's results and what should you be benchmarking? There's nothing nebulous about the information you'll find inside.This valuable modern marketing handbook is a boon to novices and experienced marketers alike. Begin at the beginning if that serves you. Pick and choose individual chapters if you have a specific need. Bookmark, highlight, and make notes as necessary. Return to the content where you most need a refresher and reinforce your knowledge on digital marketing topics that you've already aced.Modern marketing is a series of well-thought-out steps. Understanding your product and your customer, developing and executing a detailed plan, and creating a program that measures your progress is vital to a thriving bottom line. Marketing Your RV Park / Campground Online is the perfect companion to your business' success.Volume One in the Modern Marketing for Outdoor Hospitality SeriesMarketing Your RV Park / Campground OnlineLaying the Groundwork: Strategies and TacticsUpdated for 2019


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