Elon Musk - Secrets to Success Robert Pemberton Author
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Elon Musk is a bold billionaire visionary who looks for places where humanity should be at by now and if we aren't there yet, he attempts to get there and fill that void. But he is a shrewd business man and will only consider projects that are economically viable. Everything he has touched so far has turned to gold, hence why he attracts such a large investment following. He is one of the most successful business people of the 21st Century.Musk is a tour-de-force of ideas, many of which are, or potentially will be, industry game changers. Some have described him as the new Henry Ford. Musk is an independent thinker who comes up with solutions and architectures for solving humanities' problems. He clearly thinks outside of the box and encourages others to do likewise. In this book we'll examine how Musk thinks. What are his secrets to success? In other words what key principles helped him achieve his visions and made him successful? Most of his driving principles are universally accepted and can be applied to any business, or a person's life. Some of the principles originate from the perennial wisdom of the ancient Greek philosophers, others come from contemporary entrepreneurs. The essence distilled from these principles perhaps may help to inspire you to fulfil your own dreams and attain your full potential. 


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