Dealing with Limerence: Practical Techniques from Alternative Healing Modalities to control your Addiction to another Person Gary Cooper Author
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This book is a handy addition to other books that deal with the topic of limerence. Limerence is an unpleasant and often misunderstood condition. Having limerence is not the same as a crush as it lasts much longer, often for decades. It is a kind of obsessive love that includes compulsive thoughts and fantasies. The emotional pain that is part of limerence is devastating and paralyzes the life of the limerent person.  To constantly crave another person's attention is like being in a self-made prison. This short read book, written by a fellow limerent, proposes tecnhniques from five alternative healing modalities to manage feelings of desperation, overwhelm, loneliness and total despair because of limerence. But if you are not open to exploring alternative healing modalities (deemed non-scientific by many) to deal with your limerence, this book is not for you. The author wrote this book because he could not find any self-help book(s) with practical, hands-on techniques to help him deal with his limerence at times when he needed them the most. He could only find books to better understand this strange condition or books with some psychological advice. He, however, needed practical techniques which he could use to immediately calm down his roller coast emotions. Consequently, he found five healing modalities with practical techniques which helped him along his journey with limerence and which he wants to share with people who suffer from limerence. He explains each of these modalities with examples of how to use them to deal with limerence. The author does not claim that limerence will be cured, but rather proposes some simple tools to help others in the grip of limerence to take back some control over their lives (based on own experiences).  These techniques could be helpful during periods of no contact.  T


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