Wicca Candle Magic: How To Unleash the Power of Fire to Manifest Your Desires (Wicca Spell Books, #2) Leonie Sage Author
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Learn How To Manifest Your Desires by Unleashing the Power of Fire!There is a good reason why using candles are one of the most popular ways of communicating with the universe amongst Wiccans. Not only is it the easiest and most beginner-friendly form of magic, but it is also very effective.In 'Wicca Candle Magic', you will learn everything you need to know in order to master Candle Magick, from beginning to finish.Discover the Candle Magick Secrets that Separate the Beginners from the Advanced WiccansFirst, you will be taught the secrets behind why Candle Magick works as well as it does.Thereafter, you will learn about the different colors of candles and what effects they have on your spellcasting.Once you have the basics covered, you will be guided through the process of preparing your candle for rituals.The book offers useful tips that you will benefit from taking into consideration when casting your spells.You will even be given some proven spells that have worked for others, which you can use in combination with your own, or by themselves.Towards the latter part of the book, you will be taught about the Wiccan gods in order to gain the knowledge necessary to be able to maintain a good and rewarding relationship with them. Finally, you will learn about incense and the role it plays in Candle Magick.If you are even remotely interested in learning how to use Candle Magick, or if you are already actively pursuing the Wiccan path, you will definitely benefit from picking up this book!It is essential for anyone looking to enhance their lives to keep an open mind, so do not dismiss something based upon thinking that you already know everything. After all, what separates the best magicians from the rest is that they are on a never ending quest of knowledge, taking every opportunity they find to learn new things.Blessed be!


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