The Cove Cottage Murders (Boddington Bay Mystery Series, #3) Lucinda D. Davis Author
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The decades old, cold case disappearance of a transient near the trendy village of Boddington Bay was about to get warm…very, very warm. Angela Augustine loves life in Boddington Bay: her upscale shop, The Kitchen Sink is always buzzing with activity, her twin bakers Bonnie and Betty can braise, beat, or bake anything into a succulent dish or a Danish, and boater Larry Brownlow is becoming a very good friend! Now, if her silly cousin Lisa, foisted upon her in the terms of a will, would remain quiet about a past secret, life would be great.Angela and Larry wonder if the story about a travelling man's disappearance from Coyne's Corners years ago is imaginary. When a threatening note is found behind a beloved photo they accept the challenge and act as the eyes, ears and legs of an old man who is convinced there was something fishy about his friend's sudden and strange departure. The inhabitants of Coyne's Corners just outside of Boddington Bay are all suspects: the miserable mechanic with the son who spied on people, the man-hungry woman with an overactive imagination, and the lawyer with an odd obsession. But when Angela and Larry get too close to the truth, they themselves come under fire and the cold case becomes almost too hot to handle.This small town mystery offers east coast flair and flavor, a community with more than its fair share of quirky and colorful characters, and a protagonist getting over, and trying to hide a past. Then, throw in the feline mischief and mayhem of Angela's rescue kitten, Fudge, and you've got a short read full of fun, mystery and suspects galore!


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