Budget Recipes for One ~ Single Serving Desserts (Budget Cooking for One) Karen Connell Author
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Homemade desserts are something that I nearly gave up on altogether after my children left home. It seemed silly to spend time making the desserts that I had previously made for four or five people only to end up having to eat the same dessert myself for a few days.I absolutely love sweet stuff so I decided to research and adapt some desserts that I could make just for myself but at the same time, were easy to increase for when I had visitors.This book is the results of my labors. There are different types of desserts from baked to frozen, cakes and sweets to hot puddings – and I love them all…My aim with this series of 'Cooking for One' books is to document quick and easy recipes that even a novice cook will easily be able to replicate. Sure, there are thousands of cookbooks on the market but, in my experience, most are trying to invent new recipes. I have tried to include well-known food that a beginner may be familiar with but not know how to make.Almost all the recipes in this book are simple to make.


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