How to Study the Bible: Bible Study Guide for Beginners Shane Keller Author
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This guide on how to study the Bible is designed to assist new Bible Students to develop good study habits from the beginning. It gives a general overview of the Bible and offers several different strategies that are both practical and easy to apply. Since no two students are exactly the same nor are they searching for the same things in the Holy Scriptures, students should have options on how to approach their study. Some may be interested in just getting a general overview of what's included in the scriptures while others may be ready to delve even deeper into its underlying meaning.Through the pages of this book, you will learn how to ask the right questions that can trigger the kind of deep thinking that can reach down into the heart and soul of the student. It will teach you how to approach any Bible subject from different angles so you get the whole picture. You will learn the importance of having a plan and a goal in mind when you start and why you don't have to approach study the same way you do in school.Each chapter listed within opens up a little bit more about what the Bible entails and takes you on a personal, spiritual journey of enlightenment.In this book, you'll learn: What the Bible really is and how to connect to the people that really wrote it. That Bible Study starts well before you pick up the book and how you can prepare for the message you will receive. How to make Bible Study a priority and a primary focus in your life How history, science, and prophecy do not have to be in conflict but when studying is done right they are in perfect harmony. About the amazing power of prayer and how valuable it is to make a major part of your new spiritual life.The Bible has a powerful message to share with you so it is imperative that you avoid doing it alone. Your study time is quality time with your Heavenly Father so you want to make the best use of it. By following the guidelines and suggestions listed here in this book, you will draw closer to Him and He will draw you into his tender embrace at the same time. These pages will teach you how to develop a strong, unbreakable bond with Him that will allow you to grow spiritually in many ways.It's one of the most precious gifts we could have and it's yours for the taking. DOWNLOAD this book now so you can start building that connection with the single most important person in the universe and in the process, open yourself up to a whole new and wonderful world filled with everything from creation to revelation right at your fingertips!


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