How to Stop Being too Nice Learn to Recognize if You're Being too Nice and Stop Others from Taking Advantage of You Mike Mitchell Author
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Do you think you're too nice? Are you always worried about disappointing people? If you are tired of helping others all the time and not having enough energy for yourself, then this book is for you! After reading How To Stop Being Too Nice, you will have knowledge of:Identifying if you are being too nice for your healthThe negative effects of being too niceWhy you are compelled to people-pleaseSaying no without the guiltSteps on how to stop being too nice to othersThere is nice and there is being too nice. How do you know if you've already crossed over to the negative side? Neurotic people-pleasing habits can damage you. It can hurt you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Because people view you as weak, you become an easy target for users and abusers. That is why it is important to learn how to say no from time to time.How To Stop Being Too Nice offers valuable information about the ways you can stop yourself from wanting to please others at your expense, such as:Trust your inner voiceRe-learn to say your opinionValue your well-being over others'Learn to cope with disapprovalIt also teaches you to effectively resolve conflict. This is huge for people who are too nice because conflict is like their kryptonite. They would bend over backwards to accommodate somebody else just to avoid creating negative emotions.If you struggle with saying no to others just to win their approval and are tired of being bitter and resentful, then this book is for you. Download your copy now!


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