The Zen of Hollywood: Using the Ancient Wisdom in Modern Movies to Create a Life Worthy of the Big Screen. Love Over Fear. (A Manual for Life, #2) Dav
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Irrespective of our individual life goals, we all just want to be happy. But how can we get there? Fortunately, life contains inherent intelligence designed to guide us to our very dreams. This intelligence has been expressed by the world's wisdom traditions as a series of truths which David calls universal life principles. He has assembled what he considers to be the most important life principles—in a series of books called A Manual for Life—which serve as a foundation for the life of greater meaning, joy, and happiness which we all desire and deserve. Truth can be found anywhere, including Hollywood. What makes some of the films out of Hollywood so magical is that they contain these fundamental life principles. We are basically seeing the truth of ourselves on the big screen being reflected back to us, and then we become inspired—sometimes enough to change our lives for the better. Drawing on his background in psychology and spirituality, David analyzes some of Hollywood's most beloved and popular films, extracting the wisdom contained within as it applies to these critical life principles, and explaining it all in an easy-to-understand manner. He then gives exercises so that we can internalize these truths, put them into practice, and make real strides in improving our lives. In this second book titled Love Over Fear, David examines in depth three excellent films Forrest Gump (1994), It's a Wonderful Life (1946), and Chocolat (2000) to show that both love and fear are inextricably intertwined, playing invaluable roles in propelling us along our evolutionary paths back to our divine essence—our true identity. With Forrest Gump, David illustrates how love is the underlying motive behind all that we do, and how exactly we can expand the love in our lives. One way is to practice being grateful for all that we have and are, and deep gratitude is the subject David expounds upon in his analysis of It's a Wonderful Life. Finally, David uses the beautiful film Chocolat to demonstrate that, at any one moment, we always have only two choices—love or fear—and that it behooves us to live consciously and choose love again and again to live the life of our heart's desires. Life is ultimately about learning, growing, and evolving. Why not do it in a fun, entertaining, and inspiring way?


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