Jogging Book For Beginners:learn how to Lose Weight, Stay Healthy in 90 minutes and start loving your run! Kevin Durant Author
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Are you excited about jogging but don't know where to start? Have you tried to get into the habit of jogging several times to lose weight or to keep fit only end up quitting after the first run? As a beginner, you must have a million other questions about jogging and barely get enough answers. One certain thing is that beginners often go about jogging all wrong due to lack of proper information. That's why you often feel discouraged, get injuries and eventually quit before you even start. This no longer needs to be the case.Jog your way to fitnessThis jogging for beginners guidebook will help you get past the get-up-or-give-up moments and also help you overcome the obstacles as you begin the journey to lose weight or keep fit through jogging. You will no longer have to worry about your tight schedules jam-packed with stressful jobs, endless meetings, long commutes, and sticky-fingered toddlers. Or having to the endure the pain and embarrassment of quitting yet again on your goal to lose weight. This is because you will only need to commit only a few hours per week to achieve physical and health benefits that will last a lifetime. Moreover, you will discover that with time, it will stop being a thing you have to do, to a fun and even addictive activity. Here are the steps this jogging book will take you through to attain jogging and fitness mastery...• Chapter One: How to Start Jogging - Things that you will need, getting started (Stretch, Pace yourself, and the Right form), and how to maintain your Practice.• Chapter Two: How to achieve weight loss with jogging• Chapter Three: Self-care and Injury Prevention. These include common jogging-related injuries, risk factors, health suggestions for jogging, safety tips and what to do in case of an injury.• Chapter Four: Important jogging tips to set you on the right track. These include why a warm-up is important, setting goals, the right attire, start slow, breathing techniques, talk to yourself, different directions among others. Click The Add To Cart' Button NOW to set yourself on the right path to weight loss and fitness through jogging!


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