Trevor Reese: Undercover Love (Trevor Reese Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller Series, #2) Mallory Monroe Author
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CIA operative and sexy business mogul Trevor Reese has fallen hard for Carly Sinatra, his African-American girlfriend. To protect her from his enemies, he has worked tirelessly to keep their love for each other and their engagement to each other under wraps.But when complications occur during a field assignment that almost cost Trevor his life, her adopted father, businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and her uncle, mob boss Mick Sinatra, make it clear that they are not happy with the way he handled the crisis.  He has to do better by Carly, they warn him.But just when he's ready to take it all the way and finally schedule their wedding date, disturbing information about his past catches up with him and he has to fight to not only maintain Carly's love, but to gain the love of a son that does not know him.  And when his son needs his help, he and Carly leave their comfortable life in Boston and travel all the way to Africa to answer that call.In the second installment of the Trevor Reese Interracial Romantic Suspense series, Trevor and Carly realize that Trevor's very first meeting with his son, a son in dire circumstances, could also become his last.


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