Free the Genius: How the Very Best Grow Their Meaning, Mission, and Contribution David Martin Author
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Free the Genius. Free YOUR Genius.There is untapped brilliance in you. Genius, in fact. It’s tangible, available talent and skill that lies dormant for most people. What about you?The world needs more of your genius, now. Not a genius defined by IQ, but that brilliance you know you haven’t fully accessed; the very best of you you’ve been longing to express.Having guided thousands to achieve breakthrough successes, David Martin is deeply schooled in people and their potential. Let him show you how the very best “free their genius” so you can, too.This isn’t a how-to book you must read cover-to-cover. It’s a field manual. Open to any chapter of Free the Genius for just-in-time inspiration and frameworks that will support you. It will challenge how you think—the first step in freeing your untapped genius.Free the Genius speaks directly to bright and aspiring people who are committed to changing their corner of the world for the better. It’s for leaders, performers, coaches, teachers, athletes, moms, dads—for you. Are you aware of your potential but not always sure how to cultivate or express it? Do you care deeply about the work and service you put out into the world? Amplify your impact, starting today.It’s time to Free Your Genius.


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