The Late Bloomer Candice Christian Author
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College sophomore, Chelsea, has dreamed about relationships, especially with women, she has watched through windows at others in relationships and engaged in acts of pleasure, sometime even duplicating the actions herself.Following a rather intense voyeuristic session where a neighbor who doesn't keep her blinds closed, Chelsea finds the climax of the evening has a bigger impact on her than she ever thought possible in the form of a freakish nightmare that scares her to her core.Getting bolder, she searches for women to meet, or to watch, and fixates on a student she knows from school. In the end, again in an exquisite release for Chelsea, but no relationship. But it makes her even more determined to ‘blossom’ around others, and have a relationship.The catalytic moment comes when Chelsea pushed so to speak, out into the open, on a college trip to the east coast. In a cliché moment, inevitably she rooms with another girl. The girl she rooms with, Kelli, is engaged to be married to her longtime boyfriend thus causing Chelsea to lower her defenses.Emotionally defenseless, Chelsea learns all about bi-sexuality from Kelli, which allows her to bloom into a more confident person regarding her sexual interactions. And more comfortable with her lifestyle.


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