Alma: The History of My Soul Diana Romerotéllez Author
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This could be your story. It is the history of a soul from beginning to end (so to speak), at least in this universe. The soul explains what there was before the universe was formed. Alma (the soul) describes how she came into being and what her existence was like before she decided to come down to this material plane, specifically to Earth. She narrates briefly a number of incarnations and her most significant experiences. This being has been entangled by her desires and relationships with others, life after life, and she is finally tired of this game. She wants to go back to the place of her initial origin, the Source. The soul of this story focuses on a particular lifetime, her last, and through her death she learns what needs to happen in order to return to the Source. Her first challenge is to find the right conditions to come one more time, when and where she will be able to get the unique opportunity in hundreds of lifetimes and thousands of years to be liberated from the illusions of the material worlds that keep her trapped. Her second, and most difficult challenge, is to maintain her goal and not derail, despite worldly temptations, tricks and illusions, and the veil that is placed before all human beings since birth which prevents us from remembering who we really are.  If the soul fails, it could take an extremely long time, suffering and despairing to get another chance, so it is crucial not to miss it. This is the story of her adventures, battles, searches and missions and the being that accompanies her in the journey to liberation.


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