Seven Men: Memories of an Unconventional Love Life Elizabeth Kaye Author
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In Seven Men: Memories of an Unconventional Love Life, bestselling author and award-winning journalist Elizabeth Kaye provides an elegant, rueful and astonishingly frank account of her search for comfort and love, and finally for meaning and peace. In the tradition of such classic memoirists as Marguerite Duras and Colette, Kaye recounts her tempestuous romantic past and the singular (and famous) men with whom she shared it.Seven Men tells the story of one woman’s journey through a world peopled by society’s brightest and most beautiful. As an esteemed profile writer for Esquire, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times, Kaye inhabited a world of celebrity. And though she often felt as if she was traveling on a visa that was about to expire, the talented and attractive Kaye found herself involved with a series of handsome and powerful men.There was The Anchorman, who sent her secret messages during his newscasts and showed up in her apartment an hour later. There was The Astronaut: he’d walked on the moon; they met at a conference for recovering alcoholics. There was the Actor, known for his brilliant performances, whose greatest role may have been acting the part of a faithful husband while pursuing serial affairs. There was the Dancer, the Writer, the Movie Star, the Critic, the Musician. . .As she writes: “Falling in love is transformative, at least for a time; its early, adrenalized stages provide another of those occasions through which you can become more generous and joyous and lustrous than you would otherwise be. This is a bubble certain to burst, and until it does there is no way to accurately assess whether the object of your passion is someone you actually like, or whether you’ve simply fallen into yet another instance of delusion at first sight. I knew this when I met the Writer. Nonetheless, ten days after we first traded smiles, we decided to get married.”In Seven Men: Memories of an Unconventional Love Life, Elizabeth Kaye conveys the hard-won lessons of one woman’s journey in the fast lane. She reveals the pains and pleasures of a life spent pursuing love and calculates the costs with shivering precision. While she did not always love wisely, she concludes, her life has been rich with daring and passion.


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