A Song of Dark Beauty Kevin Mackey Author
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The old woman spoke.First it was Áine. Now Irenna. What is it you are looking for, Duvessa, Daughter of Ree, that you go about the world seeking others?I sought answers from Áine, Duvessa said. I seek answers from Irenna. I came to you seeking answers...I have already found some answers to my questions that I did not like. Yet I find unanswered questions even less to my liking.Duvessa, a young woman of six and ten years, is on a journey to understand the world, her place in it, and what happened to her teacher.Her path leads far from her home, into a world that's wider, deeper, and darker than village life prepared her for.Along her path she will find teachers, love, injury, and a final test of who she really is.All she needs to do is survive the lesson.


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