The Convoluted Adventure of the Vengeful Yankee Financier Neil Willcox Author
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Gentleman Adventurer Heinrich von Schneemann finds himself on a curious mission; his patron Lady Glenshire has sent him to the seaside to investigate a haunted house. There Schneemann finds fraud, ambition, young lovers, dubious business plans and enormous amounts of gin. Lurking behind it all is Saul Tarrington, a ruthless American businessman.Before he can deal with him Schneemann is called away. An old friend from his Wild West days has gone missing. As events tumble out of control he finds himself at odds with all his friends and allies. Perhaps Schneemann can solve the crime, but can he resolve the greatest mysteries of all – love and matrimony?A comedy crime novel set in 1902 The Convoluted Adventure of the Vengeful Yankee Financier pokes outrageous fun at occult mysteries, crime stories and Edwardian England.


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