Free From GMO: A Guide to the Amazing Health Benefits of A GMO Free Diet, Pantry Staples and Budget Meal Plans Antony Lee Author
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In the earlier days, it was just about choosing the right food item which would fit our diet plans but now, it has become more about thoroughly analyzing the food labels and getting into its technical details to make sure that the food item is healthy. I am talking in the context GMO food, which was presumed to revolutionize the food sector but turned out to be another headache for health diet enthusiasts. You too might be one among those health diet enthusiasts who think that they are well informed about healthy food habits but it is time for you to rethink if you don't know much about the GMO foods.GMO stands for 'Genetically Modified Organisms' and these are scientifically developed products into which modified genes are incorporated. The genes with most desirable traits are identified and are introduced into animals and plants. The fast growing salmon is the best example for a GMO food and it is one among the many GMO items that are waiting for the green signal from authorities to be sold in the market. GMO is definitely a leap for the scientific world and is a great achievement for them but the hyped up benefits of GMO are definitely misleading. Thorough studies show that the drawbacks of GMO foods can outweigh its benefits, the fact is that one can embrace a healthy diet plan by keeping the GMO foods out of their menu.It is a shocking fact that more than 75% of foodstuff in the market currently, has GMO components and I don't think that most of you, reading this book, really knew about this fact. You must understand that a food product, which can possibly harm your health, was being introduced into your daily menu without your knowledge and I am trying to equip you with the knowledge about GMO free food habit and its health benefits through this book. It is definitely your fundamental right to eat healthy food and the only way for you to enjoy this right will be through educating yourself. This book takes you through the harmful effects of GMO foods, health benefits of GMO free diet and how you can switch to a GMO free diet, without having to alter your budget plans.


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