Grandpa Henry, the Explorer: Darko, the Magnificent Dragon with the Greenish Yellow Wings (Grandpa Henry, the Explorer., #2) Charis Lianos Author
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The exciting magical journey of little Henry continues and he is feeling very proud and delighted. He had made a new special friend and helped her to fulfill her own magic purpose in life. His new friend is Amaryllis, the flower he met in the light blue cave.Nothing was the same for little Henry after this new friendship. He had now learned a great lesson that would accompany him to his old age.After his first exploration, he discovered that it is not only humans that have the right to life, but all the beings of nature...The next morning, Henry got up quickly from his big wooden bed that was embraced by a wide quilt of green, red, and yellow vertical and horizontal stripes. At the top of the quilt there was a captivating dragon painted. It had two large and expressive pitch-black eyes with two greenish-yellow wings that looked really enormous.In a magical moment, the dragon woke up from his deep sleep, and immediately, he found himself in front of little Henry who was staring at him with his eyes wide open...Travel along with Grandpa Henry the explorer to another yet captivating magical journey to unexplored places and discover a new special friendship.Live the events just like his greenish eyes have seen them.Don't forget that Henry's big and expressive greenish eyes have seen a lot...


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