Paleo Diet: The Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide to Losing Weight in 6 Weeks or Less Kim Jones Author
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So you want to start a healthier lifestyle and lose weight?  Great!  The decision and resolve to do so isn't just a starting point, it's one of the biggest challenges.  If you're determined to succeed, you already have something great going.  Another big challenge is knowing where and how to start.  That's where this book comes in! In this book, you'll be taken through the basics of the Paleo diet and be given a key to losing that weight you want to get rid of.  Though it is a relatively new diet, it is rapidly growing in popularity due to its governing principles.  It's not a dieting craze that involves starvation, counting, or chemicals.  In fact, it's quite the opposite of that and that's what contributes to its success.  Throughout the book, we will discuss the origins and basics of the diet as well as incorporate tips, recipe ideas, and even touch on exercise.Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn: What is the Paleo Diet? Food Basics - with a List, Paleo Meal Ideas, Physical Well-Being Basics, Making the Switch, Avoiding Common Mistakes, Losing Weight


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