Asperger Syndrome Explained: How to Understand and Communicate When Someone You Love Has Asperger's Syndrome Sara Elliott Price Author
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Discover How To Communicate And Have A Better Relationship With Someone Who Has Asperger's Syndrome!This book is full of tips, techniques and stories that will give you an inside look at what it means to have Asperger's. You will come away inspired and with a new understanding of how to communicate more effectively with those you love!You'll learn the truth about Asperger's Syndrome and why it's so misunderstood. The average person has never even heard of this syndrome. So it probably comes as no surprise that people with Asperger's are often alienated, as they usually find it difficult to understand normal social cues. They can feel very alone, rejected and harassed by those around them, even their loved ones, yet have no clue as to how to express their feelings. To Develop A Good Relationship With Someone Who Has Asperger's You Must Fully Understand Their Syndrome…That's where this book comes in. If you know someone with Asperger's your goal should be to learn as much as you can about their syndrome, along with autism in general. You need to understand why people with this syndrome think the way they do. I created this book so you can communicate more effectively and learn coping techniques that will create better lives for you and your loved one. People with Asperger Syndrome are usually highly intelligent people, in fact some of the greatest minds in history are thought to have had this syndrome. They simply think and communicate differently than most people and deserve to be understood and loved. The more they're understood the more likely they can express their true potential.Here's a preview of what's inside…==> What causes Asperger's Syndrome==> What is the Autistic Spectrum==> How to recognize the signs and symptoms==> How to test for Asperger's==> What happens after a diagnosis==> Effective communication strategies==> Coping techniques for you and your loved one==> How it really feels to live with Asperger's==> Plus, so much more!Understanding Asperger's is the key to a happier and healthier relationship between you and your loved one. I hope this book helps to foster new communication and a deeper understanding in both of your lives! 


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