The Addiction and Recovery Formula: Addiction and the brain bible workbook, which by design serves as personal treatment & counselling planner on the
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WHEN ADDICTS SUCCESSFULLY RECOVER, THIS IS WHAT THEY DO Are you or a love one enslaved by some form of addiction? A nasty chemical and/or a psychological addiction you just can't get rid of?The purpose of this book is to provide you deeper level understanding how addictioon works, and the many options available to you to free yourself from it!Addiction and recovery from it, is no small feat, that you can just undermine and ignore. You have to fully understand what it is, and the strategies you need to implement and commit to, to be free from it forever!Here's what you'll learn in this book:IntroductionRewards SystemAddiction Is Partly HereditaryDependency And CravingTrue Addiction And Pseudo-AddictionSubstance And Non-Substance AddictionNon-Substance Addiction: GamblingNon-Substance Addiction: PornKinds Of DrugsSubstance Addiction: AlcoholSubstance Addiction: CaffeineNicotineCannabisCocaineOpiumOther Types Of Drugs That Can Lead To AddictionRitualizationDrug Addiction ClassificationIndicators Of Drug DependencyHow People Get Trapped In AddictionWhat HappensDrug Addiction DiseaseOur Perception Of AddictionDrug Addiction TreatmentsTaking Responsibility For Your LifeReplacing Addiction With New HabitsChanging Your RoutinesInspiration To FreedomGet Motivatedand much, much more....Understand and get rid of addiction by DOWNLOADING THIS BOOK TODAY


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