The Dao of Doug 2: The Art of Driving a Bus or Keeping Zen in San Francisco Transit: A Line Trainer's Guide Douglas Meriwether Author
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Getting off a plane eventually means having to wait in long lines for the carousel or rental car. Or figure out how to get around in San Francisco. It can be expensive and frustrating. The sucking sound of money flying out of your wallet starts as soon as you touch down at SFO: Landing fees. Resort Fees. Parking Valet fees. Shuttle fees. Ditch the rental car! Unless you know the three signs to look out for when trying to park: Street cleaning days, Residential Permit restrictions; Arterial Lane Clearing during rush hour; Red zones, curb clears, SFFD zones, Delivery Yellow zones.But it doesn't have to be this way. Not so if you in the Zen of how to ride Muni, where to stand, and how to pay your fare. Take BART right from the International Terminal: Alaska Air is the fastest and closest to BART. You go down for baggage, then up to the arrival ramp desks, then cross over the drop-off area, then down to BART. $8.85 to go downtown. Tip: It gets more expensive after 16th and Mission, but all downtown stations cost the same. BART to Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery, or Embarcadero all cost the same.Need to get to the hotel? Don't ask the Transit Operator at Kearny and Market, you'll be split from your group and you'll be on to Sutter Street with your bags on the sidewalk! Plan ahead and look at the detailed bus map located at any bus shelter. Know what bus line you need to get to your destination BEFORE boarding.Like the Cable Cars or Street Cars? Take them later. Fisherman's Wharf to Union Square in the morning, downtown after 6 p.m. till 10 p.m for no waiting. Better yet, read a kindle version of The Dao of Doug before you land. There's a lot to know!You are in luck. You can use my 19 years behind the wheel of an electric trolleybus condensed into the series of three Dao books to get around in San Francisco using public transportation for less than 3 dollars! Forget the passes, they are expensive as they bundle the 7 dollar cost of a cable car into them. Pay as you go, and have exact change. You can ride for 90 minutes, which should be enough time to get to Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, or to any hotel within the compact 47 hills over 49 square miles of San Francisco county.Put your tongue in cheek, and read Driver Doug's missives about Riding Muni in Ess Eff.! Have It Ready, Know where to Stand, Islands v. Curbs, Avenues v. Streets.Our numbering system is a snap once you realize it all keys off of Ferry Plaza and Market Street. Odd piers to the north, evens to the south. All street addresses begin at Market. 1550 Bush is 15 point 5 blocks from Market. 700 Montgomery is 7 blocks from Market. Island stops outbound take you south of Golden Gate Park, curbs take you to the Richmond, north of the park, and are less crowded than the N Judah or 7 Haight.Trolleybuses come so often we don't even publish a timetable. The headway is listed on the bus shelter and changes every 4 hours. These are the golden nuggets not found at Sutter's Mill in El Dorado County by Placerville, but in the Dao, the way of being in the Zen in San Francisco transit!


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