Knowing More about Student Loans & How to Pay Them Back Dueep Jyot Singh Author
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Table of ContentsIntroductionKnowing More about Student LoansMinimum Reduced Loan AmountSaving for a Higher EducationScholarship ApplicationsStudent Loan TypesFederal LoansChecking Your Eligibility for Federal LoansWhen Do Student Loans Need to Be Paid BackDifferent types of Repayment PlansCannot make your loan payment?Can loans be deferred?So how do I pay off my huge student loan?ConclusionAuthor BioPublisherIntroductionA friend of mine, a professor in an Ivy League college in America happen to bemoan the fact that a large percentage of really brilliant students could not afford to join colleges and dropped out after high school graduation, because of the exorbitant cost of education. And those who really were determined to get a good college degree and higher qualifications spent most of their lives paying off their student loans. And then she said to me, “I just want to know, you were a part of the college academic circle, in your country, is the expenditure in getting a college education degree and postgraduate qualifications so expensive over there?”She could not believe her ears, when I told her that when I had got my Science Degree, way back in the late 80s and then my Masters, two years later, the total expenditure borne by my parents for those Degrees was exactly zero.“You must have taken out a student loan,” she said.“What student loan? Higher education is subsidized by the government and has been done so for the past 40 years; especially if you are a woman, and want to do your Masters, M. Phil, and PhD. That is because women in our land were culturally not encouraged to learn the 3R’s, reading, writing, arithmetic, and so the government decided that this could only be done by making sure that education for women was free. So their parents could have absolutely no excuse of saying, that higher education for women is so costly, we had better keep the funds for getting our sons a Professional College Degree.”


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