Brothers of Different Mothers C. L. Jones Author
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Pops, a U.S. Army combat veteran, has been an agent for a mysterious branch of the government called the organization. Through the years he’s become one of the best at what he does which is taking down the bad guys for his country. His anchor in this nasty business has been his wonderful wife and family who by rights should be upset due to the number of times he’s made them move to accommodate his work. He’s developed self-contempt for the way he treats his family plus he’s questioned the rationale behind some of his assignments. So he’s decided it’s time to quit and announces his retirement to his handler at the organization.However things are never simple in this business. You never know when the organization could decide that it’s time for you to take a no benefit, no breathing, retirement package. Against his better judgment Pops decides to do one last mission. He finds himself somewhere in the northwest US wilderness with thirty or so other men some of whom are advertised to be agents just like him. The organization seems to be running the show when they announce a competition between the men with a prize of several thousand dollars for the winners. Pops has always been a lone wolf on his assignments so he didn’t count on finding a group of like-minded agents, or brothers. Neither did the organization.The challenge is to find a way to win the competition and at the same time avoid being the subject of an organization takedown. Success means walking away with enough money to comfortably retire. Failure is unacceptable.


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