Turbo Boosting Confidence Learn Powerful Social Confidence Skills In Social Situation Within 30 Days Or Less Mike Mitchell Author
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Too little self-confidence may lead to depression and anxiety disorders, but too much may also lead to clinical narcissism. Hence, having a healthy level of confidence is of utmost importance in order to keep your mental and emotional health balanced.Being mentally and emotionally healthy also means being happier, more resilient, and more adaptable to the challenges and problems that this world may give you. This takes you closer to your goals and removes the inhibition that keeps you from dreaming big.This book entitled Turbo Boosting Confidence explains the very situation that you are mired in and lets you embrace realization, acceptance, and change. At least 85% of the population is said to have an unhealthy level of self-confidence, so it is important that you take action now, regardless of the doubts that you feel.Realization is important because a lot of people suffering from low self-esteem are not aware of their dilemma. They are not aware that they habitually think in unhealthy ways. Worse, they act according to their negative thoughts, which hinder them from achieving their best form and from doing their best effort.Like realization, acceptance is also an essential stage in turbo boosting confidence. According to the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, seven out of 10 girls in the United States do not find themselves beautiful and attractive because of the stereotype that media and the people around them create. They lack acceptance of their own qualities, so they fail to move on and improve.Furthermore, this book elaborates the different and practical ways to change your mindset, and adopt a healthy way of thinking and looking at disappointments. You will be given scenarios to help you picture yourself and your problem.Turbo Boosting Confidence is the best first step you can ever take in restoring your self-confidence and keeping it balanced all the time.


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