Survival Pantry: Food Storage Techniques and Preserving Tactics for Tasty Preserved Meals Amy Clark Author
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This book is a great guide to preserve pantry items and about food storage. In case of any disaster people can preserve the pantry items to use it later for few days. In order to avoid spoilage of food and to apply tips and tricks on the food to store the food and to use it in a proper way, this is short but effective method to stop the wastage of food for some time period. This book also includes about the different disaster management and how one can cope up with the situation. This is guide for the beginners.In this book you will get to know about the shopping of supplies and how to purchase them by keeping the expiry of the item in mind. To use the items on a daily basis these are great tips to preserve the food. The question arise in people’s mind is why one need to preserve food when they can bring canned food or preserve food? Why is it important to preserve the food for a long time to use it? These are some of the questions people ask themselves before using the tips and how to use the stock the pantry?Here is what you will learn after reading this book:-Understand the importance of food-Why is it really important to store food when you get stuck in some disaster or due to the some problems you can’t get fresh items from the store?-Basic techniques and tips with the quick list of food


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