Fifty Famous African Americans - A Few Notable Black People In U.S. History Info For All Author
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Get The Book That Provides A Summary On The Lives Of 50 Notable African AmericansYes, it includes some of the familiar names you would expect to see like Martin Luther King. But also includes some people you may have never heard of before.From as far back as the early days of America, to individuals who are with us today.With this book you can read through the true stories of these important people's lives. It provides information about their life... the events of their time... their accomplishments... etc.This Book Summary will educate you about these individuals: * Important Events During Their Life* Significant Dates* Their History * Includes Photos * Includes A Video If Available * And more What makes this book unique compared to the other biography books is that it provides all the important information. However, it is not a 600 page college textbook, with excess information, that will require a large commitment just to read through it all.And, when available, it also includes some quotes. These are the actualwords from the person themselves. This provides incredible insights in to the individual.This book is great for children in grade school to adults. If your child is oldenough to read on a 4th grade level... then this book will benefit them.But older individuals, and adults, alike will also learn more information about these famous, and unique, people.Download Your Copy Now.


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