Fifty Shades Of Grey: The Secrets Every Guy Should Know Josh Sauder Author
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Fifty Shades of Grey has been one of the top selling novels of all time. Many female readers drool over the male protagonist, Christian Grey, and are engrossed in the storyline. Us men, on the other hand, are left there dumbfounded by why this novel could possibly be so popular, since many of us do not simply see the appeal of such a sexually explicit erotica.Fifty Shades of Grey: Secrets Every Guy Must Know serves to explore the inner workings of this bestselling novel and talk about why it is so appealing to female readers. You will learn about the traits of Christian Grey that makes him so attractive to female readers.In addition, there are also many things men can learn from Fifty Shades of Grey that will be discussed, including many traits that we can learn from Christian Grey to apply to our own lives and in our daily interactions with women.  What works in the fictional world also works pretty well in real life as well.Go ahead and pick up your copy today!


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