The Dragon Curse Diana Flame Author
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Nearly 400 years have passed since an evil witch left him with a riddle to solve and cursed him. He has searched high and low to find the cure to break the curse to no avail. Changing his identity and moving from place to place is the only way to keep his secret from the world. Bronte Petrakis has accumulated a world of wealth and knowledge and is now one of the wealthiest men alive.When Silene Belmonte gets a promotion working in the main office with her Alpha boss, she is less than thrilled. She is one of the best real estate agents in the business is happy to be best employee of the branch office. However, when they meet, sparks fly and she is quickly sucked in by Bronte's irresistible charms.Bronte has fallen for his assistant, but trouble comes knocking in the form of his most dangerous opponent; the one who made him immortal and unable have a relationship.Find out what happens in this thrilling paranormal dragon shifter story. What happens to the dragon master and how his curse gets broken? Will Silene stick with the dragon or will she flee in fear for her life?


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