Sell You Before You Sell Alex Rodriguez Author
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9 out of every 10 people hire professionals who can first demonstrate the value they can bring, and who they feel they can trust deeply.Yet you might still wonder: How can you build real trust in the quickest, most effective manner so that you can close more sales?The answer is simple: You need to first earn people's attention, which will then allow them to have an expectation about you.In Sell You Before You Sell, you will discover the four essential qualities of a solid personal brand, and practical tips to elevate your profession to close more sales using your authenticity, attractiveness, alignment, and everything awesome about you.When you sell like everyone else does, that is, when you focus on convincing others, desperately trying to make people agree to separate from their hard-earned money and hand it to you, selling does become extremely difficult... and at the end of the day, it's simply grueling.After all, nobody wants to be sold to.But when you first sell people on why they should pay attention to you, then doing business becomes automagically easy!


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