Coping With Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: A Holistic Guide Sadie Swift Author
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Coping With Postpartum Depressionand Anxiety isn’t easy.I threw “everything including the kitchen sink” at these problems.I have written this comprehensive guide to the (often unexpected) tools I discovered along the way to help new mothers coping with postpartum depression and anxiety. I strongly recommends talking to your doctor as a first line of defense (and I even offer an easy script to follow for different situations!)This book features 5 helpful worksheets to help process your experience and feelings, as well as 10 beautiful printables to keep close.Coping with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety should be holistic.With sections like Pressure Points, Crucial Nutrition, Mantras, and Essential Oils, I take readers on a fun journey through some possible ways of coping with postpartum depression and anxiety. This book proudly nurtures the connection between mind and body, and invites curious readers to be proactive in their health. There is help out there for you, and this is just one fantastic resource!And check out myPostpartum Wellness Workbook, also available here.


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