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WILL the mystical message contained in Angelo’s dreams herald and usher him towards a powerful and unimaginable destiny?Angelo Marcello Giordani is an Italian missionary priest whose life is plagued by nightmares, visions, and dreams.THE DREAM. On the morning of his ordination to the priesthood, he has a dream.Peacefully walking along the seashore in his Franciscan habit, a strange young girl runs frantically after him and calls out to him, addressing him by his full name. She gives him an exquisite white rose and communicates something extraordinary to him. The girl disappears…Upon waking up, he feels a terrible emptiness. Angelo must now find this mysterious girl, who appears to be so deeply entwined into his destiny—a seeming impossibility.THE DEVASTATION. The day after his priestly ordination, his younger brother, Michele dies tragically. Angelo’s first priestly duty is to perform the Last Rites to his dying brother.Could the series of personal tragedies, trials, and tribulations, which see him flung into far-off places like the jungles of Mozambique—and then landing half dead in Zimbabwe, be the Heavenly design, which would finally link him to this mysterious girl—and unlock…THE DIVINE DECREE?THE NEXT of KIN is Olivia Christian Paasche’s debut novel about the triumph of the human spirit—and an accidental discovery of the transcendent love of God and His AMAZING GRACE!


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